Soulezza Guitar
Soulezza Headless Guitar: John Stowell Signature Model
He now plays and endorses a Soulezza headless signature guitar available at : w w w . S o u l e z z a . c o m
This signature headless semi-acoustic guitar features an all chambered mahogany body, a single neck humbucker, and a custom ebony pickguard.
Doolin Guitar
Mike Doolin: John Stowell Model
John Stowell is an electric jazz guitarist, but he has a fondness for acoustic guitars as well. He asked me to build him a nylon-string acoustic-electric guitar with as much acoustic quality as possible, but not as susceptible to feedback as a classical guitar with a pickup would be. John requested an arm bevel for right-arm comfort, and a slender neck profile which is closer to his electric guitars.I based the body shape on my Classical model, but reduced the body depth to 2-1/2" to limit the bass frequencies that feed back most easily.
I placed the output jack for the pickup system off center on the bass side, again accommodating John's unusual playing position. Like all my instruments, it has my Adjustable Neck Angle System so John can keep the action low like his electric guitars.
Woods include a German spruce top, cocobolo back and sides, and bloodwood binding.
Wright Guitar Soloette: Hybrid Maple
The Hybrid steel string guitar has a slightly narrower neck.
Nut width 1 7/8". Features 22 frets, side dot markers, and strap buttons.
Headphones plug directly into the guitar for stereo sound. (not included) Grado SR60 headphones available on order page.
Guitar plugs directly into a guitar amplifier for use as an electric guitar. Price includes internal amplifier for headphones, soft case, and pickup.

John plays this guitar in YouTube clip - I Wish
For amps and effects, he uses: VSA amps, AER Acousticube 120, Acoustic Image 10/2, Henriksen Jazz Amp. John also uses Tonehunter pedals and Evidence Audio speaker and guitar cables.